We’ll be attending the Partners’ Workspace ieSingapore’s newly opened Advisory Centre on 27 June 2008.

ieSingapore, otherwise known as International Enterprise Singapore, is an agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry tasked to promote overseas growth of Singapore-based enterprises and international trade.

The Partners’ Workspace is a drop in clinic, where we’ll be pleased to give no-cost, no-obligation initial advice on your IP matters, particularly as they impact international expansion. This could include protecting your inventions internationally by way of patents, as well as international trade mark and design protection.

This event is suitable for companies of all sizes who are exporting, investing overseas or looking to venture overseas. No appointments are necessary; just drop by the ieSingapore Advisory Centre on that day.

We’ll be at our Partner’s Workspace at the ieSingapore Advisory Centre from 0900 hrs to 1700 hrs on 27 June 2008. The Advisory Centre is located at 230 Victoria Street, #09-00, Bugis Junction Office Tower, Singapore 188024.

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