In conjunction with the delay in the launch of the new IPOS Digital Hub filing system, IPOS has announced that it has issued a practice direction to effectively make the entire period of 26 May 2022 to 5 June 2022 (both dates inclusive) as excluded days.

This is the second period of excluded days to be declared this year.

IPOS Registries Practice Direction No. 2 of 2022

This practice direction states that Thursday 26 May 2022, Friday 27 May 2022, Monday 30 May 2022, Tuesday 31 May 2022 and Wednesday 1 June 2022 are to be treated as excluded days.

With Saturday 28 May 2022, Sunday 29 May 2022, Saturday 4 June 2022 and Sunday 5 June 2022 already treated as excluded under Practice Direction No. 1 of 2009, the proposed practice direction has the effect that the period between 26 May 2022 and 5 June 2022 will be excluded days.

The first working day after this period is Monday 6 June 2022.

Effect of Declaration of Excluded Days

A deadline falling on an excluded day (and which is not met by that day) will be automatically extended to the next working day which is a non-excluded day. That deadline will be regarded as having been met, if whatever is needed to meet the deadline is done on the first working day following the excluded day.

Therefore, any deadline falling within the period of 26 May 2022 and 5 June 2022 may be met if the action is taken (and any fee paid), by Monday 6 June 2022.

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